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Company Profile -
Digital ID Technologies (PTY) LTD
Executive Summary

Digital ID Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a multidimensional technology company and market leader in the Digital Identity Industry in Sub-Sahara Africa. Millions of South Africans make daily use of products and services provided by our company. Digital ID Technologies is the market leader in Southern Africa for Digital Identity Solutions and secure ID issuance programs for government, education sector, corporate security and national loyalty programs. A large number of customers in different industries and markets use Digital ID Technologies software and desktop card printing technology. We are currently the leading Dye Sublimation Technology Company in South Africa for Dye Sublimation Digital ID card printing hardware, software and consumables.

Our Digital ID printers are underpinned by an in-house technical department that sustains both software and hardware firmware as well as complete technical support to the industry. Our company has become the natural choice for clients as the Sub-Sahara African partner of Global Technology Giants and Digital ID solutions companies. We are proudly associated with HID Secure Issuance, Fargo ID Card Printers/PACS, Physical Access Control solutions, HiTi Card Printer Consumables, IAI Laser Systems and Datacard Desktop Printers. Digital ID Technologies has developed a respected reputation as the preferred distributor of global technology brands in the Sub-Sahara African market.

Company Network Structure

Digital ID Technologies has a well established dealer network and customer client base that can ensure effective market penetration of the global brands we represent. We have employed a business to business strategy and through our sustained marketing effort we are able to reach the targeted consumer market in Southern Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa. Secure ID Solutions and Digital ID desktop solutions are the two core revenue drivers of Digital ID Technologies. The company is constantly exploring new market opportunities to improve revenue by revolutionizing the Digital ID CARD and Digital CARD PRINTING industry.

Digital ID Technologies has defined itself as a reliable supplier of choice and preferred service provider for ID CARDS.

Customer Centered Values

As pioneers of the industry, Digital ID Technologies continued passion is to create a secure environment for your organisation’s ID CARD needs, free from threats of trespass, fraud, theft and sabotage. Our extensive experience provides customers with unparalleled insight into customer needs and our commitment to unrivalled customer service ensures customer needs are satisfied with the appropriate Digital Identity Solutions and secure ID issuance program. Tailor made for your organization to meet your DIGITAL ID needs.

Digital ID Technologies provides unrivaled customer service by truly understanding your unique identification needs. With a passion for providing high quality, innovative products, and an in-depth understanding of your solution application, Digital ID Technologies is the trusted identification solutions expert. At Digital ID Technologies we take the time to truly understand your organisation DIGITAL ID requirements and offer insight into the best solution to meet your needs from our comprehensive range of products. We aspire to continually exceed your expectations of service, innovation, and quality in everything we do.

Market Focus

Digital ID Technologies has emerged as a leader in business to business problem solving in the Digital Identity Solutions and secure ID issuance programs as well as the Digital ID Card printing industry. Critical to the success of Digital ID Technologies is our commitment to our customers through our sustained ability to sell customers an indivisible management solution and service level agreement that is both costs effective and efficient. Market development is focused on delivering products from entry-level desktop solutions to top line business secure digital identity solution.

The Digital ID Technologies business model is centered on the core value of being a one stop ID CARD and DIGITAL IDENTIFICATION solution and service-providing hub. Digital ID Technologies is focused on the vertical markets in South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa and have established a client base of dealers, distributors and a network of integrators in sectors and industries that have created a huge demand for Digital ID Technologies products. Digital ID Technologies has developed specialty software modules that can be integrated with hardware to provide a complete business solution for both traditional printing and mobile printing of ID CARDS.


Digital ID Technologies envisage optimising every point of contact with our customers so that they are better able to achieve their goals. Digital ID Technologies has established three core values to guide our customer interactions:

  • Customer Service: honesty, diligence and care shown to each and every customer.
  • Excellence: all tasks pursued with the objective of accomplishing them in the most efficient and effective manner possible.
  • Respect: for the dignity and concerns of every person who engages with our Company.
Our Customer Commitment

Digital ID Technologies is widely regarded as the industry expert in Digital ID and Secure Identification issuance. Our customers can always trust Digital ID Technologies to provide a high quality, innovative solution that is suited to every customer’s unique requirements. Digital ID Technologies commit to:

  • Unrivaled Customer Service – Digital ID Technologies aspire to exceed customer expectations of service by listening to their individual needs and endeavoring to provide the best solution, from concept to delivery and after-sales support.
  • Continual Innovation – Digital ID Technologies always strives to deliver the latest innovations in secure identification to assist our customers in operating the safest possible environment.
  • Superior Products – Digital ID Technologies products are backed by a minimum one year warranty, rest assured Digital ID Technologies always provides the best quality. We urge our customers to beware of substitutes or generics that may be inferior and prone to breakage or failure.
  • Best Price Guarantee – Digital ID Technologies guarantee to beat any competitors published price on the same model, brand and quality product.

We give you the tools and expertise you need to manage the identification needs of your business or organization.

Mission – Protecting people, property and data

At Digital ID Technologies this is what we live and breath every day. Whether our customers in education is entrusted with school children in their care, the safety of our customers corporate employees, the security of a customer’s physical or digital assets, or a government national ID register, our mission is to equip every
customer with effective identification management solutions that support their individual needs to protect the people, property and data for which they are responsible. More than our mission, this is our passion for customer satisfaction.

Working With Us

We don’t claim perfection – but strive for it every day. We consider ourselves a work in progress. What are we working towards? Providing the optimum customer experience. We want to ensure that every point of contact customers have with Digital ID Technologies is pleasant and helps customers to achieve the objectives of your organization. To that end, all of our dynamic sales team staff have direct email and cellphone lines in order for customers to get the help they need, when they need it. Customers can order online or by phone, fax or email.

Please contact:

Riaan Du Plessis – General Manager
Renée van Tonder – Senior Sales Executive
Jean Murphy – Technical Support
Roeléne – Executive Assistant/Accounts
Natasha – Sales Executive
Tristan – Technician
AJ – Technician

But, you know, we’re not all things to all people. We scrupulously screen every person and organization that attempts to purchase our ID CARD products. We recognize that part of protecting people, property and data is making sure that the products we sell only end up in the hands of those who support our values and mission. Digital ID Technologies are build on principals of integrity and security, as such we have a lot of new customers who attempt to buy from us, so we fully cooperate with local, national and inter-national police and security agencies to fight identity crime.

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