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Things to consider before buying an ID card printer

How do you identify the right ID card printer?

ID card printer 2The essential question is formed because of the wide range of ID card printer technology available to us today. Security and access control solutions have always been the highest priority list of “to do’s” for education, governmental, and corporate organisations. Choosing an ID card printing solution is vital to the companies in need of ID card issuance. With so many suppliers and a vast amount of options, which card printer is right for you?

Here are 10 things to consider before you lay your hands on a new ID card printer:


Internal security can be beneficial to protect your printer consumables from theft and duplication of specialised cards.

Lockable card hoppers and unique guardian ribbons make a great solution for enhanced security and lessen the chances of fraud.

Selecting a secure issuance solution that can support a broad range of credential security measures ensures that your investment is protected.


Direct to card printers and retransfer printers can be layered with additional lamination that offers both extra durability and extra level of security.

Knowing how the card will be used and for how long can help you determine the level of durability you’ll want to incorporate into your solution.


ID Card PrinterVolume:

ID card printers are sold in tiers:

Entry-level, a solution for 200-500 cards printed in a month followed by single replacement cards thereafter.

Mid-range, a solution for 1000 and 3000 cards in a month with extras.

High-level, a solution for 3000 and 10000 cards in a month with extras.

When you consider a card printer, ask yourself how many cards you need to print and over what period of time? You’ll want to be sure that you select a printer that was designed with your needs in mind.


Do you wish to employ multiple simultaneous applications to your cards, such as encoding and lamination?

A fully fledged ID card printer will offer more than just printing. Picture our HID Fargo Card Printers featuring multiple upgrading modules. Dual flippers, magnetic/RFID encoding, and various laminations options available to offer greater scalability and functionality.


Think about your ideal secure issuance solution holistically. What other ways might an ID badge be used in your organization?

ID cards can be used for several needs, like a key that will unlock your Identity. It can be used as an information card that keeps printed policy/emergency/other worthwhile info on the back of the cards. Payment can be conducted at POS points through a close-lopped payment system. Access control implementation is easy using the same chip for payments to grant or deny access.


Look for solutions that can support multiple connectivity options to give you the flexibility to print from any location.

HID Fargo, mid-range card printers and up have the option to connect and print via USB, Ethernet and WiFi.


Today’s secure issuance solutions are quite sophisticated and as such make it easier and quicker to resolve any problems.

Diagnostic tools make support easy for our technicians to find faults and bring a quick solution. The ID card printer today is fitted with advanced sensors that enable fault finding with convenience.


Enterprises around the globe need to have an ID card printer with modular upgradeability. Printers come at a price and replacing them, when new and wanted features are required, should not be a favoured option. ID card printers offer an investment solution by making future upgrades available as and when required.

Solutions should be modular with the ability to add features that allow for technology migration or program expansion.


Consider an ID card printer that is backed by an extensive warranty with a service level agreement from your local provider. Usability combined with hands-on support are essential measures for a successful card printing solution.

Only consider those solutions that include full, multi-year warranties on printers and lifetime warranties on critical accessories.


It is important to consider the provider’s longevity and innovation in the industry as these are good indicators of what you can expect.

Always refer to a solid track record from your service provider before the final decision.

Digital ID Technologies is the leader in the card printing industry and continues to make every effort of informing our clients on the best ID card printer for their required project.


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