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Print ID Cards Hassle Free!

Print ID cards hassle free!

Print ID cards hassle-free with the latest HID Fargo DTC printer!

Dtc1500 RT angleYou need an effective ID card solution for a government project or a reliable printer that will spit out cards for your institution without drawbacks. The ID card printer must be user-friendly, easy to maintain, and offer exceptional card throughput. These are some of the frequent requests I get from clients in need of a solution. Digital ID Technologies is geared up to help you with a product that is part of our professional line of dynamic card printing solutions.

DTC1500 ID card Printer — Reliable, Fast, and Easy to use

The DTC1500 ID card printer is a high standard investment for any project size. This printer can be used for internal and external environments with the capacity to print high-quality images, encode magnetic stripe cards and write encrypted information on contactless technology cards. It is one of my favourite Direct-to-Card printers because of its unique security features and friendly-to-use design:

built-in security features – Scramble your classified text by activating the scramble data protection feature, making it impossible for fraudsters to duplicate personal information. Unveil your own security watermark at any time with the customer secure watermark feature. It is easy to set up and completely within your grasp to set and change your secure overlays at any time.

DTC ECO Color Ribbon

highly adaptable — The DTC1500 is scalable with optional lamination, dual side activation, and encoder in-field upgrade options as and when required to get any job done.

easy to get started— This video will show you how easy it is to set up the new DTC1500 ID card printer:

The DTC1500 printer takes the prize in my point of view when compared to other printers of its class for the following reasons:

1. Highly affordable

2. Feature rich

3. Easy to use and maintain

4. Scalable

5. Low-cost consumables

6. Covers most vertical market needs

Here is an infographic that shows more features of the DTC1500 ID card printer:

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