Identity Solutions for Africa

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Digi-ID Team

Identity Solutions for Africa

The vitality of a secure and sustainable identity solution for government-to-citizen cards can be defined by the strength of technical partners that will put the pieces together. You need effective database management, synchronisation to third-party, enrollment, and output. All in all, it boils down to cost, product commencement, training, delivery and support of hardware and services.

Digital ID Technologies is a company that has shown potential in previous years. Currently, the company moved into spaces of greater capacity within the government sector. Digital ID Technologies is now recognised as the leader in dye-sublimation ID card printing, laser engraving, and supply of technical ID printing that complements an array of system structures.

I am proud to be titled as general manager for Digital ID Technologies and to be part of a specialised team who understands the need for customer satisfaction. It makes my job easy. What we offer is more than an ID card, it is more than a solution. I believe we have developed the ability to offer seamless identity solutions with exuberance. How? forging key partnerships through strong relationships aligned with the same vision.

We have recently integrated the HDP5000, HDP5600 and the DTC1250e card printers with market leaders, e.g., Lithotech Exports and BioRugged. We have established key partnerships by putting the pieces together and for showcasing our technology to its full extent. We did all of this at ID4Africa: the biggest identity solutions conference in Africa.

It’s been a privilege to be part of a conference that introduces dynamic Identity solutions to the African government and potential African partners. The ID4Africa Conference, housed in Namibia was held on the 26 April till 28 April, 2017 and offered global brands and high-tech integrators the opportunity to exhibit new secure identity solutions.

To me, it was no surprise seeing the new and dynamic technologies on display at ID4Africa. Complex-made-easy synchronisation of enrollment hardware that complements cohesive AFIS (Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System) hosting and other scientific, visual security elements to the card for secure output. Wow! And thumbs up to the technology manufacturers, the science behind some of the VSEs (Visual Security Elements), and the IT skills. It was impressive!

The Digital ID Technologies’ team aligned themselves along four stands, i.e.,

• HID Fargo (card printer manufacturer and global leader)
BioRugged (enrollment terminal manufacturers)
Lithotech Exports (specialist in identity solutions with a track record for successful voter registration and ID project fulfilment throughout Africa)
IXLA (Laser engraving systems manufacturers focused on decentralising hardware)

We manned and supported with excellence, attesting to our technical ability to produce secure IDs.

We are ready to take on any card project. Voter Registration, Driver’s License, National ID, Health Cards, Social Pension Cards, Membership Cards, Security Military Cards, etc.

Give us a call and let us help you with your secure identity solution needs.

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Digital ID Technologies

Digital ID Technologies is a platinum HID partner and an authorised service repair centre. For more information on our company feel free to visit our about us page.

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