Introducing the new DTC1500 card printer

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The new DTC1500 card printer – The latest Card Printer today!

A couple of years ago, I would rock up to work, fix myself a cup of coffee and scurry to my desk. No, wait! It was more like a stretched-out bench, and on it would sit a line of robust ID card printers. These card printers were covered with a metal housing, and most of the inside components, conforming to the card printers’ ruggedness, showed off steel. I used to love the Fargo Pro printers while working in a card bureau service centre.

The confidence in the brand and the comprehension of mechanical use made it fun. Printing ID cards with the aptitude of setting manual colour concentrations made work interesting in the days when internet modems sang noisily with every dial-up.

Helping clients match company brand colours (even though this was nearly impossible) gave back the enthralling challenge I sought after. Good looking card printers producing the ultimate eye-catching ID cards. What more do you want in a perfect world of printing access id cards?

Happy ID issuance and merry customers, right? Wrong! The more cards we produced within the borders of South Africa, catering for our country and neighbouring countries, we discovered the criminal involvedness of duplication cards. Why? Because ID cards are keys to unlocking unauthorized doors, the inducement to opening what should remain closed. Hacked card printers, ID’S taken from the printer’s consumables or personal info was taken by data transfer. Key cards forged with false Identification. And so, the war has begun!

Until fraudulent, duplicate cards became a deliberate challenge to the world of the Card Printer, it also gave birth to innovative countermeasures. The card printer became more sophisticated with high-level security features: Visual secure printing elements, enhanced holographic lamination, and lockable on-printer security befitted the primary features of the card printer.

Today, I am excited to announce the latest technology card printer in the DTC range manufactured by the leading brand, HID Fargo:

The DTC1500 Direct-To-Card printer brings the robust throughput of old together with the modernized technology and combined security. Only this time, after 20 years of leading innovation, HID Fargo has refined the perfect card printer in the DTC1500 model. It’s a card printer with a V8 engine, firing on all cylinders.

Imagine a high-end card printer, including scalability, latest security, highest throughput and durability — but with the price of an entry-level printer.

To say the least, I am excited to launch this model early next year. Subscribe to our newsletter and qualify for jaw-dropping prices on the day of the announcement.

Infographic DTC1500



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